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Front End Developer

Experience Level

8+ Year(s)


Front End Developer

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Job Requirements

Title: Front End Developer

Location: Manhattan, NY

MOI: Phone, Skype, F2F if local


-          Proficiency with modern JavaScript (ES6+/TypeScript), CSS (including Flexbox/CSS Grid), and HTML5

-          Exposure to AngularJS &/or Angular 2-6

-          Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or similar discipline

-          Thorough understanding of the following:

-       Asynchronous mechanisms used in the modern web development (Promises, Rxjs Observables, etc.)

-       Responsibilities of the platform, database, API, caching layer, proxies, and other web services used in the system

-       CSS and JS methods for providing performant visual effects

-       3rd party grid and charting tools (e.g. ag-grid, Highcharts) is a plus

-          Experience with the following:

-       Creating self-contained, reusable, and testable modules and components

-       Validating user actions on the client side and providing responsive feedback

-       Working with state management frameworks like Ngrx, Redux, and/or MobX

-       Architecting and automating the build process for production, using task runners (e.g. webpack, browserify, gulp)

-       Writing extensive unit tests using tools like Jest, Karma, or similar frameworks

-       Creating e2e test suites for all components, and running them with Protractor (or a well-reasoned alternative)

-       Creating configuration, build, and test scripts for Continuous Integration environments

-       Coordinating with server infrastructure for delivering front-end app and assets

-          Professional, precise communication skills

-          Commitment to the highest ethical standards

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