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BT Engineer

Experience Level

5 Year(s)


Southfield, MI

Posted Date


Job Requirements

1. Need to have a good understanding Bluetooth Basics

  • Bluetooth HCI commands, events
  • Simple secured pairing 
  • GAP command formats for discoverable mode, end discoverable mode, establish link
  • Power saving modes

2. Bluetooth low energy specs 4.0

  • BLE roles (peripheral, broadcaster, Central and about possible combinations of these roles)
  • Good understanding on connection interval, supervision timeout, slave latency etc (Connection parameters)
  • Gatt profile , How to simulate classic profile using the existing profiles
  • GATT profile apis like Gatt_notification, Gatt_indications, gatt_addservice, GATT_Displayservices

3. Bluetooth tools.

  • Sniffers like frontline analyzer (any one sniffer tool ), Ellisys Bluetooth Analyzer.
  • RF studio (Very much needed)
  • HCI Tool

4. Communication protocols like SPI, USART, USB

5. Should be able to quickly understand FW requirements like transmission/reception of continuous signal modulated/unmodulated, channel selection, packet transmission/reception.  (EMC tests for HW team), production test modes.

6. BT Tool, bluetooth lowenergy PC applications


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